The work I completed for includes: 
Rebranding, Web Banners & an App (front-end, mock-up)
Hypersonic Radio is an Austin-based Electronic Dance Music provider. Their DJ's are showcased through live events, podcasts, live event streams & radio streams. 

Luckily I was chosen to be their primary graphic designer. I was encouraged to take my own creative-liberties but was challenged by my own inexperience. At the very start, I was still a young designer—a student, in fact—I knew my Adobe software but I was without a design-mentor to direct me. 

Unrelentless though, I utilized and channeled every ounce of knowledge I had to carry out my duties. As you'll see later in the Web Banner series that my designs evolve over time. 

I used Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop CS6
Original Logo (left) vs. New Logo (right) 
I created the new logo based on my own market research. The logo was stale in comparison to the electronic dance music scene. So it needed to be improved.
Logo Assets Include: Logo-Type (left) and Logo-Mark (right)
Logo-mark represents an antenna (of futuristic styling) a beacon and dispersing signal.
Enhanced Logo (left) vs. Simple Logo (right)
Here is a side by side comparison. Both are utilized, and very capable in different arenas.
For instance, the 'enhanced' is better suited for full color applications, while the 'simple' has value in single color production.
Simple Logo (left) as Vinyl Decal (right)
I cut my own vinyl decals to test the tolerance of the logo in this scenario.
Banner Displayed on Website (
I had the most creative liberty with these event web banners. Because I started as young student-designer when I started designing web banners, the following is a reflection of my evolving experience in Layout, HierarchyDesign Fundamentals & Adobe Software.
Hypersonic Web Banners (each column differentiates my evolution of experience) 
Left Column: My 1st batch of web banners. Learning sizing dimensions in pixels. Creating my own backgrounds. Light experimentation with typography, layout and hierarchy
Middle Column: My 2nd batch. Improved backgrounds, layout, hierarchy and typography. Increased experimentation of colors, filters, motifs & backgrounds.
Right Column: My 3rd batch and most advanced banners. Backgrounds are even more complex and unique; each would determine the layout of the copy. Increased familiarity of filters, typefaces, layouts and hierarchy. 

I created every element of these banners with the exceptions of dj logos, venue logos, & typefaces. 
Launch Screen
Each device will have a similiar UX & UI
The user experience within competing electronic dance music apps in the market feature a similar monochromatic color scheme. High resolution photos and colorful banners excite the app. The App contains Artist Bios & Photos; a Radio Player that plays mixes and live shows; Schedule of upcoming shows; and Social Media connections to follow and share.