Interactive Data Library
- A digital library for statistics, usable in the Internet or an intranet (universities, libraries, …)
- For collecting data, you have to create an account, which might be possible for only certain
people (students in a university, customers of a library, …). Browsing the library is free,
however, at least some of its parts.
- The library consists of points that “float” in a 3D space. You can “swim in the sea of
information” and explore different data in a new way. Navigating in the 3D space is done
by the scrolling wheel/ball in your mouse (Z-axis) and moving the cursor in the sides of the
scene (X- and Y-axis).
- Most points have subsystems, which you can open by clicking them and close by clicking
them again. This way, you can see only the parts you need to. With each point, you have a
small menu which has icons for highlighting, writing notes, linking and sending a question.
- On your account, you can link statistics to each other, so that you’ll find related data easily.
You can also highlight important parts in the data if you want to find it again and take a
better look at it later, and you can write your own notes in the statistics. All these markings
are only visible to you, and the persons/teams you want to share them with. It’s also
possible to send questions to the researchers who collected the data.