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Campaign for the revolutionary transmedia entertainment property from Syfy and Trion Worlds that launched globally on April 15th 2013. 
Defiance is set on a future Earth ravaged by interstellar war and inhabited by surviving humans and aliens. The series debuted simultaneously with Trion World’s multi-platform MMOG. What makes Defiance unique is it's the first time an MMOG and a TV series were created to form a seamless entertainment experience. 
The Syfy team created a vast range of assets for the launch. Defiance was not just revolutionary in that it was a transmedia property, it was revolutionary in that all communications had to be transmedia too. So a dual 'game and show' website was created. Experiential booths were set up at TED. Ground-breaking sales integrations were designed. For example, Dodge was a sponsor. And rather than just apply their logo into our communications, we actually incorporated a Dodge Charger in both the game and show. We 'reimagined' it to look like it had survived an alien invasion and was still going strong after 30 years of war.
Defiance season 1 was supported with a-year long campaign of TV, digital, social, print and outdoor both on and off air. A selection of TV spots and some sales integrations are featured below.
For more material from the campaign go to http://www.syfy.com/defiance
"Beauty," a Spot for Defiance that combined specially shot imagery with show footage.
Continuing the creative idea from the Dodge 'New Rules' campaign created by Wieden+Kennedy, we open on a Dodge Charger today and follow its progress through an alien invasion and thirty years of war. It ends up in 2046, the world of the show - where it stayed as the Sheriff's car for three seasons.
Continuing the creative idea from the 'Nothing Beats An Astronaut' Axe advertising campaign created by BBH, the hero rescues the girl, but this time the peril is in the form of the 'Bio Man' alien from Defiance. And, as in the original campaign, yet again the hero loses out to the Axe Astronaut.
Directed By Roderick Fenske, 
Production Company: Hungry Man
Interactive YouTube unit created to demonstrate that Defiance isn't just scripted drama, but an MMOG game as well. This is a demo video that shows how the unit worked when it was live on YouTube. The promo started normally enough, then one of the show characters in the promo 'broke the 4th wall' and instructed the viewer to help him defend against the aliens - neatly demonstrating the dual property (both game and show) of Defiance.
How did we work with advertisers to create truly unique and meaningful sales partnerships?
Full-Length launch promo for the show.
On-air Design Director: Brian Everett
Print Design Director: Will Lee
SVP Creative: James Spence
EVP Marketing: Michael Engleman
CD: Alex Terapaine
Art Director: Ben Sherman
Copywriter: Ben Cochran
Producer: Kate Leonard


2014 Silver Promax Award: Best Multiple Media Marketing Campaign
2014 Silver Prom
ax Award: Defiance Press Kit
2013 Bronze Key Art Award: Defiance On-Air Campaign


Campaign for the revolutionary new transmedia entertainment property from Syfy and Trion Worlds that launched globally on April 15th. Defiance i Read More