Flexible pavillion
Project team: Georgia Voudouri & Krystian Kwiecinsky

Beginning from the study a common almond tree, the project gave as a result a flexible pavillion in the Park of Ciutadella in Barcelona, adressed to people who want to enjoy some privacy in the nature. After explicitly observing and decoding  the three's growth rules, we realized that one of the most important factors of growth was the shaping of the branches from water. A simple translation of what happens when the branches bend while growing is that the cells located in their upper part contain more water than the ones in the bottom part. That gave for us the rule of growth of our structure.
With that in mind and the principle shape of the square as the one capable to contain more water than others, we proposed a net made of linear beams that would create squares in 3 dimensions as the core structure that would then be filled with air balloons. Those balloons (probably ETFE cushions) would get more or less inflated in response to the information provided by light sensors at the top of the structure, and so we have a more or less enclosed space, bigger or smaller in area, interacting with the sun, just like trees do.