Netflix - Uomo Gatto vs Vecna - Stranger Things 4
In this fourth season of Stranger Things, music has played a fundamental role in the show,
we could almost say "life saving”.
(Kate Bush anyone?)
For the release of the second part, we wanted to celebrate this aspect by making a fool. For real. 

Well, in case you lived on Mars or you just didn’t watch Stranger Things S4, here’s a quick recap: 
Max (Billy’s sister) is haunted by Vecna, the new supervillain, and the only way she has to escape
this monster’s curse is to listen her favourite song.

"Feasible", you may say. Well, not for everyone. 
At least, not for him, the most iconic champion in the history of italian music shows:
the one and only Uomo Gatto, who can guess any song with a single note.
Unfortunately for him, his greatest talent will make him the perfect victim for the insidious Vecna.

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Netflix - Uomo Gatto vs Vecna - Stranger Things 4