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The Dinosaur Project
The Dinosaurs Project
I really love dinosaurs, so I created a series of illustrations dedicated to different dinosaurs. There are 6 illustrations in total, and maybe I won't stop there, because there are so many interesting dinosaurs that are fun 
to draw. These illustrations look good on T-shirts, cups, posters and other items.
- Diplodocus -
Diplodocus is a herbivorous dinosaur whose skeleton was found in 1878 by paleontologist Samuel Williston.
- Triceratops -
Triceratops, a genus of herbivorous dinosaurs from the Ceratopsid family, existed at the end of the Maastrichtian Age of the Cretaceous period, approximately 68 to 66 million years ago in the territories of modern North America.
- Stegosaurus -
Stegosaurus is a genus of Late Jurassic herbivorous dinosaurs that existed 155-145 million years ago. Thanks to the spikes on the tail and bone plates on the back, they are one of the most recognizable dinosaurs.
- Plesiosaurus - 
Plesiosaurs are an order of extinct reptiles that lived from the Triassic to the Cretaceous periods, some representatives of the order reached a size of 15-20 m. Plesiosaurs were perfectly adapted to life in reservoirs, although they had to come to the surface to breathe air.
 - Tyrannosaurus Rex - 
Tyrannosaurus rex was the largest predatory creature of all time.
- Tapejara -
Tapejara is the oldest pterosaur known to scientists with a toothless beak. Its fossils have been discovered in Brazil's Santana Mountains, containing fossils and many other bizarre pterosaur species.
These are all my dinosaurs. I hope you enjoyed this series of illustrations 🖤
Happy owners of T-shirts with my dinosaurs 🖤
Thank you for watching!
The Dinosaur Project