this has since become version 1.0 After the 24 August it will be surpassed by 2.0 showcasing the development  end evolution of the medal - till then some light reading
existing club branding
Development of an idea. Piranha Triathlon of which I am a member host an annual triathlin event in Dublin: the Dublin City Triathlon. This is the development of what could be done for the medals for the elite athletes, namely the top three finishers in the male and female catagories. 
development from 2D to 3D withthe final outcome referencing the faceted nature of the existing logo device
the first 3D prints - model required a little updating to allow for shrinkage and distortion due to cooling
perspective view: renderings of what it could look like as a medal for the annual Dublin City Triathlon by Piranha Triathlon
side view of medals illustrating the designated place and clearspace for the current sponsor