Sinner bar | Kyiv, Ukraine

Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Area: 300 m²
in progress
Design Team: BOOM project
Branding Team: Guides agency

Sinner-Cocktail is a bar for sinners. The concept of the bar was based on the idea of ​​love for a bright, full life: the kind that tempts each of us; an integral part of which are pleasures and temptations. However, it is known that in a sociocultural way, pleasures are often perceived as something forbidden, even shameful, and the person who lives beautifully complains about being called a sinner. That is why the name of the bar was formulated as Sinner. This very word is not just a collective concept but at the same time a brand character, which is designed to emphasize the values ​​of the bar: a manifesto of joy, temptation, whimsy, openness to oneself, and one's secret desires. He is the shadowy, silent side of each of us. Therefore, guests are invited to cross the line to become sinners at Sinner. At least for one evening. However, the unspoken law of the Sinner dictates that the guests' knowledge of themselves in the world of pleasure must be correct, and excellent, in order to feel all the sweetness fully.

An existing patio terrace located downtown Kyiv needed a complete renovation and redesign. The project site is highly regulated by the city with a number of restrictions. The project had to stay within existing geometrical boundaries, even further in order to comply with the city rules no foundation was allowed. 
A continuous flowless experience of space was the main goal of the architectural concept. We had to work with metal framing to achieve continuous space without columns on the main floor area. 
Elevations material finish had to correspond through repetition with the interior design and overall concept.

interior design 
The idea for the interior was to implement the brand concept into the interior with great attention to the initial brand concept. Material and ornamental details implementation correspond with the graphical context of the project. 
Sin the main theme was explored through details and lighting.

architecture and exterior details 
interior and interior details 
main floor and bar area
karaoke and secret room
WC design 
branding and graphical design by Guides agency
Number of our projects are on hold or canceled due to unprovoked russian aggression in Ukraine
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Sinner bar | Kyiv, Ukraine

Sinner bar | Kyiv, Ukraine

restaurant and bar interior architecture and interior design by Boom project in collaboration with Guides agency branding and graphic design