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stalaclight — Table Lamp


Having this rich history of Islamic art spread from western Africa and Europe to eastern
Asia -as a reference- made the process of thinking smooth and fluid generating lots of
ideas from different eras and styles of floral motifs, geometric patterns, and Arabic
calligraphy but the challenge in balancing the equation between conceptualization,
and commercialization led to the presented product called stalaclight.


Inspired by the stalactites (muqarnas) found in Islamic architecture; The study focused
on the features of the Mosque-Madrasa of Sultan Hassan, Al-Rifa'i Mosque, both in
Cairo, Egypt, and The Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain.

Stalactite ornamentation was also used to decorate Islamic furniture and accessory
furnishings; all of which helped in the development of this simple yet innovative
concrete cast table lamp.


Stalaclight is the brand name for this product generated by removing the last 4 letters
(tite) from the word Stalactite and adding the word light using this generous
coincidence of musical rhyme to create a strong name for the market.

Stalactite, Stalaclight.


The product here is presented in cast concrete but can also be fabricated in different
materials; suggested are marble, cast bronze, or even all the possibilities of 3D printing
and the materials supported by the trending technology.

The shape is also flexible and adjustable to function as a table lamp (as presented),
chandelier, and even a wall lamp.

No matter whether on or off, this modern and unique table lamp fits perfectly into
almost every room whether as a bedside lamp in the bedroom or chic second lighting
in the living room. 

The product inspires numerous interior possibilities of use not only in
homes but also in offices, schools, mosques, and more.

stalaclight — Table Lamp


stalaclight — Table Lamp

A table lamp inspired by the stalactites (muqarnas) found in Islamic architecture. Designed by Amr Ibrahim Mousa from MOUSA studio.