NEW JOY series

NEW JOY series 


圆管是公共设施中最常见的元素之一,在三维世界里,圆管是最接近线条的形态,它有先天的亲和力,通用性,安全可靠,可以被大众接受。圆管以各种各样的形态出现在城市居民区的公共健身设施中,我们从中获得灵感,创造了一种新的工作方式,社交方式,健身方式——NEW JOY;我们将“圆管”看作基本的素材,用并不特殊的制作方式和造型处理完成了这一设计,NEW JOY是新鲜的,同时也是熟悉的。

The round tube is one of the most common elements in public facilities. In the three-dimensional world, the round tube is the form closest to the line. It has innate affinity, versatility, safety and reliability, and can be accepted by the people. Round tubes appear in public fitness facilities in urban residential areas in various forms, and we draw inspiration from them to create a new way of working, socializing, and fitness - NEW JOY; we will "round tubes" Considered as the basic material, this design was completed with a non-special production method and styling treatment. NEW JOY is fresh and familiar at the same time.

图片摄影 :许晓东    摄影助理:朱天轩
NEW JOY吧桌来源于公园的扭腰健身器,底部连接着可以旋转的脚踏平台,人们可以踩在上面扭动身体,保持简单的运动,同时利用桌面可以进行工作、社交;桌面下方还有挂钩用于挂包之类的物品;NEW JOY凳子和吧凳来源于公共空间的围栏,人们经常会坐在上面等候,并不在意坐着是否舒适,我们在上面添加了一个很小的桌面,足够放置一杯饮料或随身携带的例如手机的小物品,吧凳的高度还适合做压腿运动——就像人们在栏杆上做一样。NEW JOY系列有简单有效的功能和易于生产的造型,具有一定的商业和社会价值,可用于打造新型的公共空间或商业空间。

The NEW JOY bar table is derived from the waist-twisting fitness equipment in the park. The bottom is connected to a rotatable pedal platform. People can step on it to twist their bodies and maintain simple movements. At the same time, they can use the desktop to work and socialize. There are also Hooks are used to hang things like backpacks; NEW JOY stools and bar stools are derived from the fences of public spaces. People often sit on them and wait and don't care whether they are comfortable or not. We added a small table top on them. Enough to hold a drink or a small carry-on like a cell phone, the bar stools are also high enough to do leg presses - just like people do on railings. The NEW JOY series has simple and effective functions and easy-to-produce shapes, which have certain commercial value and can be used to create new types of public or commercial spaces.
NEW JOY series