PF Bague Slab Pro

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  • PF Bague Slab Pro

    European Design Awards 2014: Bronze
  • PF Bague Slab Pro
    Copyright ©2014
    Designer: Panos Vassiliou

    Bague Slab Pro draws its inspiration from early 20th century slabs and was designed as a companion to Bague Sans, a versatile monoline typeface with a distinct and eye-catching personality. Following its predecessor’s design guidelines, it overcomes the monotonous and mechanical rigidity of early geometrics by introducing subtle variations in stroke width and semi-wedge serifs rather than square slabs. These striking serifs, along with a mixture of attractive letterforms, exude a strong, modern and energetic personality at display sizes. On the other hand, at small sizes these distinct characteristics become subtle and the simplistic geometric personality of the typeface comes in place to offer a highly readable text.
    Bague Slab Pro is a very clean and legible typeface with a warm and well-balanced texture which is ideal for editorial design, branding and corporate identity. This superfamily includes 18 weights from Hairline to Ultra Black with a consistent and well-refined structure. The italics are slightly narrower than the romans with cursive characteristics. Each style consists of 718 glyphs with 13 opentype features and an extended set of characters which supports simultaneously Latin, Cyrillic and Greek
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