McNally Jackson Books
Pratt Institute / Spring 2011
The objective of this project was to choose an existing company and re-design their corporate identity and produce promotional items. It had to be one that I could physically visit, research, perhaps speak with the workers, and fully understand their goal as a company.

I chose my favorite bookstore, located in Nolita, NY, named McNally Jackson. They have an unusually inviting environment, and they are very dedicated to the field of literature, which was different from other stores of which held a more commercial atmosphere.

In this bookstore, rather than wanting to “buy” a book, I wanted to “own” one, which in conclusion evoked purchase. As a result, in order to portray a sense of “ownership,” I grasped on to the visual elements of early printers’ marks for re-designing the logo. Because McNally Jackson is also known for their lively events on literature and poetry, I thought the historical context could also be something the regular attendants would recognize and appreciate.