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The Retired Botanist (Substance 3D Stager)
Substance 3D Painter
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Substance 3D Stager
This is the study of a retired botanist, who gets flower specimen from his friends and former colleagues at the Academy.

Environment built and rendered in Substance 3D Stager.

3D models including flowers modelled in 3ds Max. Flowers were posed using cloth simulations in 3ds Max.

Small tree modelled in SpeedTree for Unreal Engine. Unwraps done in 3ds Max and UVLayout.

The following assets are parametric models procedurally assembled in Substance 3D Designer and adjusted in real-time in Substance 3D Stager:
  - Columns of books
  - Rows of books
  - Scattered papers
  - Scattered leaves

Messy book piles are assembled in real time using collision physics in Substance 3D Stager.


Materials were produced in Substance 3D Designer.

All wooden parts and objects in the scene were done from a single Wood Generator node made in Substance 3D Designer as a starting point.

Book covers were done using a personal Frame node in Substance 3D Designer to arrange a pattern along a frame with custom corner patterns.

A texturing pass for flowers, furniture and instruments was done in Substance 3D Painter.


The scene is lit using a single plane light in Substance 3D Stager.


Scene assembled and rendered in Substance 3D Stager.
The Retired Botanist (Substance 3D Stager)
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Luca Giarrizzo