Blumhouse Studio Ident
3D Motion
new ident for iconic horror studio, Blumhouse. The ident features multiple props and Easter eggs from Blumhouse's extensive catalogue of movies and shows. 

Have a watch and see how many of the featured movies you can name.

Design Studio: Elastic

Creative Directors: Duncan Elms & Neil Kellerhouse

Designer: Carlo Sa
Animators: Alex Silver, Savva Tsekmes, Zack Citro, Alex Braddock
Editor: Rachel Fowler
CG: Jose Limon, Joe Paniagua, Bryan Cox, Josh Dyer, Mike Bettinardi
Color Pipeline Management: Andrew Young
Associate Producer: Mitchell Fraser
Senior Producer: Paul Makowski
Deputy Head of Production: Zach Wakefield
Executive Producer: Luke Colson
Executive Producer / Head of Production: Kate Berry
Managing Director: Jennifer Sofio Hall
Blumhouse Studio Ident
Multiple Owners
Duncan Elms