This project about main hero-block animation for
1. On the way to perfect
On the way to the final result, there were quite a few difficulties, initially the art director of Everlend approached me with the following concept:
When any project inspires me, I immediately start sketching and rough implementing of the idea, this case was no exception, and in response to the concepts, I showed how it might look in 3D
But as it usually happens, in the course of work we realized that the key object should more look like the company logo, after which the art director provided new concepts
We still managed to decide on the form, after which we began to jointly develop the idea
So step by step we came up with a shape that looked good and most of all referred to the company logo.
2. Detailing
After approving the form of the portal, we started finalizing the composition and the main element - the center of the composition and a variety of animation
3. Finalizing
And now, it would seem at the finish line, we realized how we must make a simple decision and interesting composition and not be too smart. In the final version, we abandoned the turbines above and below and compensated for them with rectangular elements, and in order to fill the center of the composition, we drew strings between them that fit perfectly into the whole concept of the project.
It took two nights and 3 non full-time days to implement the project, including modeling and animation of a coin for a non-main block of the site.