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Excellency Centers
Branding/Identity, Web design
by Marios G. Kordilaswww.layoutdesign.gr
Excellency Center is an exclusive VIP physiotherapy Center (Dubai UAE) that focuses on treating,
healing physical pain and improving the health and quality of life of its’ members.
Highly trained specialists from Europe that excel in natural physiotherapeutic treatments
use state of the art equipment to treat existing everyday conditions but also prevent
one from occurring.
Our Team takes a multi-disciplinary approach to the practice of physical Rehabilitation and
specializes in the evaluation, diagnosis and application of physical treatment for the management
of pain and related everyday disorders, cause from overuse and lifestyle.
Excellency Centers
Saaha W406, Burj Khalifa,
P.O. BOX 27034 Dubai UAE
T +971 44 53 33 77
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Layout Design
Marios G. Kordilas
Graphic designer

8 M. Botsari str., 412 22
Larissa, Greece