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This non-commercial mixed animation film about psychological traumas of war. It has been made together with TEDx speaker Serge Alakritsky. Project had been started just from one audio message: the story about childhood of Serge and his relationships with father. How war can destroy people's lives not only physically but also mentally. This theme is really sharp today, when the war between Russia and Ukraine keep this pain and struggle.​​​​​​​
Firstly, I've created story boarding. I've decided to make mix-animation format. You can see different colors for different forms of animation: collage, frame-by-frame and computer animation from illustrations. It looks like that:
After that I and my friends from Morsonik Studio started to make parts of this project: collages, frame-by-frame animation and illustations.
Some examples of collage animation made by Lena Moisiuk
All frame-by-frame animation was drawing by me in ProCreate app. Ipad is really great thing for such tasks.
Also we have drawing many illustrations, you can see several drafts made by Marina Latinovich and me.
All parts was combined in one project in Adobe After Effects. I found beautiful music from and create full animation project. Most difficult part was with timing and transitions between scenes.
Here you can see final result of our work
I think this theme is really important today: to talk about the war, to remember and understand all consequences that it's bring to people. This is my little part of creating something thoughtful and I'll be glad to discuss this project.

Thank you for your attention!

TED Speaker: Serge Alakritsky

Art Director: Sonya Morozikova

Illustrations: Marina Latinovich

The Tree Who Grew On Water - Yoav Ilan
Light Waltz - Mattia Vlad Morleo

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The shot mix-animated film for TEDx speaker Serge Alakritsky. This is story about childhood, father-son relationships and about the war