Chronicles of the latest EuroMaydan days.
Kyiv, Ukraine
2014 February
Seized vehicle in front of the Cabinet of Ministers building.
People climb over burnt vehicles.
Burnt vehicles.
Mascarones on blackened wall from the burned trucks.
Burnt Daewoo Matiz.
The Verkhovna Rada is visible through the burned-out truck.
Paving stones from Kiev streets went to the barricades and missiles.
Euromaydan protesters.
Defenders of the barricades on Institutskaya st.
"During shelling this side is dangerous".
Bridge to the Globus trading centre and stella on the Maydan.
One of the protesters was killed here.
Independence square (Maydan) and the burned building of the House of Trade Unions.
Maydan overview.
Melted plaque on Maydan.
"Molotov cocktails".
Barricaded subway entrances.
Burned flower tubs.
Fighter 2.
Burned building of the House of Trade Unions.
Barricade on Trehsvetitelskaya str. In the distance, the building of the Cabinet of Ministers is visible.
"Be careful. Lenins are falling".
Lobanovskyy monument neatly wrapped in tarp.
Catapult (the "new" version, as the first one was destroyed by government forces "Berkut").
Burnt Store on Grushevskogo str.
Ammunition from pump weapons used by government forces.
Entrance to park bridge (barricated).
Park bridge.
Ukrainian House building with barricades.
View on Maydan from European square.
Maryyinski park after being constantly occupied by "titushky".
The mortar near Arsenalnaya metro station with Ukrainian flag raised. The inscription on the flag - "Cherkasy".
Quadcopter on Maydan.
"Christmas tree"
Entrance to the Mezhyhirya. Inscription - "if the one be marauder - feathers in his mouth will grow" (metaphor)
Mezhyhirya - details of the estate
Mezhyhirya - main building
Mezhyhirya - monument to the deer.
Independence Square - "Maydan". Monument to the founders of medieval city of Kiev (Kyi, Shchek, Khoryv and Lybid)
Glory to Ukraine!
EuroMaydan in Kyiv

EuroMaydan in Kyiv

Chronicles of the latest EuroMaydan days. Kyiv, Ukraine February 2014

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