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    Bruun typeface
Bruun Typeface     
Designed by Jan-Christian Bruun
This font was roughly the first typography I started to make. It took about a half years to find the basic form of this fofont, and after a long process I decided to finish it completely. The name of the font called "Bruun", which is after my own surname.

In the beginning before I started this project, I found inspiration lots of many places. Mainly it was from fashion magazines, where I saw a mixture of avangart and especially art from various exhibits (posters). The idea on this font was much about, how you can mixing art and typography together.
I started to draw some different shapes to find the right style. Here is a draft of the first sketches. The result was a very soft form, but also a very strong character.
I used the word "avangarde" and art, and put it together in a word "avangart".