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NOM009 (Japandi interior design)
designer:....................... Cyrill Romanov
location:........................ 14 Lipkinskoe shosse, Moscow, Russia
client:............................ Private person
type:.............................. Apartment
description:.................. Duplex apartment 60 sq.m. for a young couple
year:.............................. 2022
"I found this project quite by accident. My future clients turned to my design school with a request to find a designer for their future two-story apartment in a new building near Moscow. The terms of reference for the students may have sounded scary, since few young designers were ready to take on a complex object without communications and design it from scratch. But little can scare me, and so I took him to work. And this is what came out of it."
Start of design
To begin with, I can not help but note that the apartment was rented by the developer without any repairs. At all. Initially, no communications were connected, except for water, sewerage and gas, that is, the task was to fully equip the project with all the necessary drawings for contractors and builders.
The layout, in general, was born quite quickly. The first thing that started designing was the stairs to the second floor, since all subsequent actions with the layout of the apartment depended on its configuration.
On 60+ square meters of space, we managed to place a full-fledged kitchen-dining room with an island and a dining area, a living room, a full-fledged entrance hall with a large wardrobe system and an utility unit. Bathroom with shower, as well as a separate laundry block inside. 
On the second floor there is a master bedroom of the owners of the apartment with a large dressing room and an office, which, according to the customer, will soon be converted into a nursery.
Hallway and corridor
In the hallway there is a small cabinet with an ottoman, in which communications are partially hidden. Further along the corridor, past the stairs to the second floor, there is a dressing room, after which there is a small utility compartment.
Corner radii are made for safety and aesthetic reasons. From a practical point of view - inside the wardrobe, the storage volume does not decrease.
Living room
The living room, due to the configuration of the room, turned out to be rather modest. But, according to the customer, for her this area is more of a working area than a guest one as such. It houses a corner sofa, TV and hanging console.
Behind a sliding slatted partition is a kitchen-dining room.
Dining room
The dining room can accommodate up to 6 people. There is a table, chairs, air conditioning and a spacious built-in wardrobe for storage.
There is also access to the balcony, which is good news, because it is always nice to have a cup of coffee in the fresh air on a summer day.
The kitchen has become the most technically difficult design area, since the main part of it is built under the stairs to the second floor.
According to the customer, she and her husband have a lot of small household appliances - a juicer, a toaster, a coffee machine, and so on. Of course, in such a laconic interior, you don’t really want to flaunt everything, like in a store. That is why behind the doors next to the built-in refrigerator, an entire work area was hidden directly with small household appliances.
The bathroom is traditionally the most difficult place for a designer :) A large number of edits and drawing work make this room the most labor-intensive of all.
Here, on several square meters, there is a shower room, a toilet installation, a hanging cabinet with a built-in sink, and a high rack for storing cosmetics is also hidden next to the mirror.
In addition, the bathroom has a full-sized washer and dryer.
There are intentionally no visible shelves in the shower room, as they are hidden at the end of the installation structure.
Also, the absence of a heating radiator is motivated by the fact that a system of underfloor heating is installed on the wall to the right of the entrance, which allows you to warm up and dry the laundry without eating up the usable space.
Staircase to the second floor
The complexity of the design consisted in maintaining the norms of the angle of ascent and the width of the staircase itself, while the configuration of the apartment did not allow it to be greatly extended. But in the end I did it, which I am very proud of.
The bedroom in my project is not a multifunctional place. Everything is quite simple here - a bed, bedside tables, a wardrobe and a small table for makeup. But there is access to a luxurious terrace.
The wall behind the head of the bed is made of light gray architectural concrete. Especially to dilute the monotony and add a little natural brutality to the room.
The office was designed by the customer with consideration of the need for space for her husband's work, but also taking into account future needs after reorienting her to a nursery.
On an ongoing basis in
This room housed a wardrobe, and temporarily - a table and shelves.
"In general, this is all according to the project. Now we are at the implementation stage and according to the plan, everything should be ready by the end of the year.
Stay in touch."

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NOM009 (Japandi interior design)
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Cyrill Romanov