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    This is a Learning Section about Creating different Characters by adapting different form of Styles.
Each character is unique just like each one of us are unique in our own way. Each character that I have designed is based on certain attributes and characteristics that define them from the rest. This is a section of character designs with versatile styles.
Undead form of  Kriti Chauhan.
Kriti Chauhan is my best friend  from college who is smart and  loves skulls and tweety.
Damaged form of  Unni K Sunny.
Unni K Sunny is a friend of mine from my workplace who is a good artist.
Spider Sense
Alfred: Master Bruce,its time for Dinner
Batman: Kha..khaaaaaaa (Coming) 
Alfred: Sir, i dont think u can fly.
Batman: khaaaaaaaaaaa!
"Wana play?"
House Fly Mode.
Simple flash drawing of one of my favorite Character "Forrest Gump"