Animal Behaviour
Over the past three years I have been doing a series of animal illustrations, whether through commission or personal filfilment that have been centred on the theme of animals. The notion is to show a little of the quirk way that humans associate with animals. Whether through mixed meaning in works, items of use, or a twist in a definition. The rsult has been this continued array of images. Starting off with the simple idea of the snail and becoming more and more complex as the series goes on. Ever changing the style a little and tehniques used to reach the results I have today.
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The Sneaker ~ 2011
The slow moving pace of humorous comparisons. As the trainer (sneaker) is sneaking off at the slow pace of knots, now becoming a foot hold to the new homestead of our friend snail sneaker.
Fly in My Soup ~ 2011
A little humorous illustration of a victorian Toad, with a witty story of what he found in his meal at the restaurant. Based on the traditional English joke by which this amphibian is calling "Waiter, waiter.."
Break Time ~ 2011
A witty illustration of what happens when a hippo wants some fun during his break!
Pack the Trunk ~ 2011
Comical illustration of a happy pachyderm out in his rasta VW, heading for the beach with the wind blowing through his hair. Don't forget to pack the trunk!!!!
This time without words to distract!
3D ~ 2011
The amazing affects of seeing with the marvels of 3d technology!!!
Space Duck ~ 1985
A witty character from outer space. Without a utility belt, what can he do?
A Breath of Fresh Air ~ 2012
Comical illustration of a goldfish in his bubble, but experiencing the need for a little fresh air.
Stick in the Mud ~ 2012
It maybe a simple metaphor, but for some the enjoyment of being stuck in the gluppy stuff is not always so appealing.
Cock Robin ~ 2012
Maybe being a little cuckoo wanting to be like the others, but he sure is a cock...robin!!!
Donkey Xote and Sancho Panda ~ 2012
They were wild and mad to follow the winds to the windmills.
Charged with craziness they took the will in to their own hands.
And for one, he became an ass, as the windmills were in his mind!
No Place Like Home ~ 2012
The irony of finding accommodation.
Riding High ~ 2012
We should never put down the humble 2CV. Some of us find that it has a magical ability to ride us high!! For this charismatic giraffe, nothing could be more true, as she sets herself behind the wheel and enjoys a spin in this classic motor vehicle.
Cork It, Durer! ~ 2012
With a little whitty respect and homage to artist Dürer! The rhino pops the cork in celebration to the talent of this and all creatives in the world.
Shit Happens! ~ 2012
Life must suck when your sole purpose in life is shoveling someone else's shit all day. A witty visual remark on a timely and poignant expression, that seems to fit the nature of this tiny trojans of sanitary fulfilment.
Take It Outside! ~ 2012
Who best to campaign against the bad habits of smoking indoors, than the good old puffer fish. Here he is campaigning for the common sense attitude, to take it outside.

Crazy, creative thinking notion based on the puffer fish inhaling and exhaling air.
To Bee or Not to Bee ~ 2012
Image originally done for the New Scientist magazine, showing the cleverness of the humble bee, on his graduation day!!
Can't See It Myself ~ 2012
Being colour blind I have always found a fascination in these test cards. People always look amazed when I say I can't see the numbers. So, it was only obvious that I tried to set a piece in place that represented my disability in a creative way.
Itching to Perform ~ 2012
The next New Scientist illustration showing the wonderful collaborating hedgehogs and fleas have in this crazy circus called life!!!
Shithouse ~ 2012
This was originally going to be a fox. I changed the idea after I had another concept that included a fox, so I searched around for another idea to do with crazy. I stumbled across an urban dictionary term that is; "Crazy like a shithouse rat".
Building an Empire ~ 2013
I remember watching the 1976 version of King Kong, as a kid. With Jessica Lang in it. Then later, the original black and white, with Fay Wray playing the heroine. I was pretty amazed, but obviously not as much as when Peter Jackson came along and added Naomi Watts in the role.
Kong was so real, and fuelled my love for these creature. I have always wanted to draw a gorilla in my work, but shied away from it. One day, looking at my bookshelf and Jared Diamond's book "Collapse" the pieces fitted together for an image. The idea of 'Empire' fitting the building from this film and the notion of what an empire is.
Read All Over ~ 2013
One of the few jokes I can remember, is a little juvenile and silly, but is clever in the sense it has two endings. So you can fool anyone who tries to guess, by giving the alternative answer. This image tries to draw these two aspects of the jokes into a clever and socially political images.
The jokes goes something like; "What is black and white, and read (red) all over?" The two possible answers are, "A Newspaper", and/or " a sunburnt penguin". The image although based on a joke, shows in some truth, an issue that is not funny. The continued neglect of the planet by humans.
Sheep ~ 2013
This is a social political commentary of the affects of the common television, in regards of making many of the viewers follow it like sheep. Regardless of it's accuracy, value or social impact.

The television will not be revolutionised!!!
What a Drag! ~ 2013
This is a wonderful little ditty, based on a "Storyteller" song by REM.
Michael Stipe mentioned going to a petting zoo in Australia, and being told that Koalas only eat eucalyptus. This is a mild hallucinogen, plus it smells nice! So, these koalas are in a great mood all day, and their piss smells great!!!
What a drag!!!!
Pimp My Ride ~ 2013
This has come out of two things I have seen in my observations over the years. The first was way back when, and i was really into the 'behind the scenes' stuff in movies. I saw a documentary about Francis Ford Copolla. He was explaining he had a trainer he used for editing. It was a shiny, Airstream chrome trailer. This is an image that has stuff in my mind since he made Apocalypse now!!
The second image is that of these people who like this idea of pimping their ride. Making it look a little like it was from the 'cheap' market or something. Adding dice, go faster stripes, etc. So, I was always in love and in admiration for the Galapagos tortoises (who wouldn't be, as they can live to 150yrs). So, after doing "the Sneaker" and "No Place Like Home" things bounced around my head and in popped this image of a tortoise who wanted to improve his ride. Thinking back to the Airstream, everything fitted together, nicely!!
Repeat ~ 2013
The simple fact is the modern education has done little to change over the past 200 years, since it's invention. It is a system designed to literate people into simple folds of plausible work states. Making them drones to a capitalist system. For this reason the term "parrot teaching' arose, to indicate the method by which information is spouted out, and instantly repeated by the student body.
Cat-astrophe ~ 2014
A witty image of a Sphinx cat taking his name a little further into the ultimate act.
Rooooaaar! ~ 2014
The mighty roar of the engine of this tiny bike, through the vocal voice of a big cat.
Brunt ~ 2014
Nothing worse than being a formidable creature in the wild. Full of teeth and claws and that call to rip and gnaw and bite, only to find that you have been honours in the shape of a fluffy, soft kid's toy!! Having to bear the brunt of all those jokes!!
Count to Ten - 2014
How hard can it be to count to ten? Ask an octopus.
Never enough fingers for this  cephalopod as his existance never quite adds up.
Not So ~ 2014
A comical view on a classic piece of text used by Graphic Designs "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
In this case, the fox is a little more cautious as the lazy dog seems 'not so' lazy!!
Keep the Faith ~ 2014
This little critter is praying to keep his faith in his ability!!!
Orange Man ~ 2014
The name doesn't fit the colour!
Rock ~ 2014
What happens when you give the little hoppers some rock influence! The birds get it down!!
Horse Power ~ 2014
A carrot on a stick doesn't get this single horse powered vehicle off the starting block. Never fear, no need to nag!!
Calling Salvador ~ 2014
Witty little image based on a spoof/parody of the famous lobster phone of Mr.Dali! What would the lobster have to say, if he could call the artistic giant?
Planted ~ 2014
The feet are definitely planted on the ground!
Holy Cow ~ 2015
The angelic expression of the common language takes wing!!
Right Foot ~ 2013
An illustration created for a Christmas exhibition focused on the pomegranate fruit. Featuring a harvest mouse doing the traditional right foot ceremony on New Years day!!
You can see the development and final solo project here!
Galant Ant ~ 2013
The noble little ant. As designed for the New Scientist magazine.
Setting forth to do battle against any foe, big or small.
Here we se the soldier ant in all his fineries proud to call himself a warrior!!
Shelling Out ~ 2011
An image that was originally done for New Scientist of a slow coach finally making it all come together for Christmas.
You can see the development and final solo project here!
Cool Character ~ 2013
Wisdom Driven ~ 2013
Framed ~ 2013
Packin' Pixels ~ 2013
Animal Behaviour