the Urdu word for paper, reflects the complaisance of life to a willful mind. 

Gouri's work on this series of paper sculptures concentrates on the aesthetics of a woman's soul. This venture of her seeks to explore creativity in its rawest element. She believes that paper is a much ignored medium that has its own mysteries that unveil themselves through the artist. Art accessibility has almost become a cliche, however she believes that through paper she has discovered an endearing and relate-able medium that truly makes art accessible to everyone. Each work is unique not only in its simplicity but also in technique and exclusivity.  

Depictions of a woman's divine psyche come forth in a deluge of black, white and a touch of color. Why women? Because they represent all that is beautiful about humanity. Gouri found paper to be a delightful medium to express her portrayal of something as delicate as women. Delicacy of the paper she worked with represents the delicate emotions and feelings of a woman while the cold surgical cuts show her strength and resilience. The color palette has been deliberately restricted to black, white and a dash of color in each work to strike in the mind of each viewer a subjective emotion that they can call their own.
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Some of Gouri Kamat's Works