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Types of Ad Layout


—Type of elements dominate the page by giving emphasis on the headline. It uses extra large fonts and font styles that grab attention. Visuals are of secondary importance. The ad’s beauty and appeal are defined by its typeface and meaning. This layout is bold (perfect for catching attention) and covered by huge letters and words, which takes up to 80% of the ad. 
Big Type Layout
—This is the type of layout format that focuses on letters of the alphabet as an inspiration for the idea of the ad. —Fonts styles both capital and lowercases and other elements forming patterns and design. It emphasizes the arrangement of the elements that will give an impression of an image.
—This layout shows a single, large illustration that dominates the space with minimal text and a logo or signature. A Poster like layout type that shows importance to the Main Visual.
—Mondrian layout, named after the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. Involved in a lifetime affair with proportions. The use of primary colors; red, yellow and blue is a must. Horizontal and diagonal black bars that produces rectangular shapes are the characteristics of this layout format.
Also known as “Comic–Strip Layout” and “Story Board Layout”.

—A Visual Oriented layout format that contains several panels in various shapes and sizes, each showing the different features, usage, applications of a Product or Services per panel that are associated with “CAPTIONS” explaining the visual contents. It uses several frames or panels or images to tell a narrative, compare (different perspective), display multiple benefits (different features).

—The ad layout is enclosed by a border. Used especially when the ad will appear on a crowded page. The frame separates the ad from the items surrounding it. The composition features a prominent element which partially or completely encircles the bulk of the ad, focusing attention on its center.
—Type of layout that deals with all design elements are clustered together to create a recognizable shape, and can be seen by one solid color. —The opposite of the frame layout, relying on surrounding negative space to emphasize a group of isolated elements and usually very minimal in design. —Emphasis shape of product or image that reflects product. —This layout usually used to represent a very classy product. 
Editor's Note:
This information is just a recap from what I've learned in class. For the sake of learning, I would like to share these informations which I got from the internet. Moreover, the examples were traditionally rendered by me in order to explain the different types of ad layout visually. 
Types of Ad Layout

Types of Ad Layout

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