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T³ scale ruler & T ruler
T³ - The three in one ruler, with more scales and functions that allows higher flexibility to your work. The beauty lies in its simple design with much enhanced details.
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Standard Y-shape scale ruler usually contains 6 scales, which may not be useful enough for professional design. These rulers, sometimes, are either too big to be carried around, or too small that the measurement cannot be read properly. T³ pinpoints all the problems and provide 12 scales, which can be split into 3 separate rulers, every detail in T³ is enhanced to provide better user experience.
Our concept of T³ comes from Tower Crane - an agile machinery that offers amazing lifting capability. We see geometry in the crane, more than just a physical triangular structure. These three-line shapes are often seen in architectural design as they provide strength and stability. T³ is designed in a way that a symmetrical triangle can be formed through using 3 of its individual triangular ruler, such design allows each T-ruler to carry 4 scales/graduations. With the built-in precise magnetics, T³ looks no different from standard ruler, but it provides much more functions. T³ is a never-before-seen creative measurement tool.

Along with all our previous designs, T³ follows Yuan's principal concept that focuses on Geometry and Symmetry. T³ is a practical decorated tool, while showcasing its balance and harmony through its geometric patterns when observed from atop.
Features - What’s special about T³ & T-ruler? 

3 T-rulers with 12 scales are held together by precise magnetic design. Consider the habitual use of regular scale rulers, the 12 scales arrangement of T³ are carefully planned:

6 frequent used scales (same as standard scale rulers) engraved on outer triangle - 1:20, 1:30, 1:40, 1:50, 1:60, 1:100 while
6 special scales engraved on inner triangle - 1:15, 1:25, 1:75, 1:80, 1:125, 1:175.

Gently switching to either side of the T-rulers, you can easily measure with the right scale. T³ is an ultimate ruler for architects and interior designers. 

cm, Inch, Point and Pica in 1 ruler
A regular straightedge lacks Point (~font size) and Pica, the typographic units used in printing. By using T-ruler you can conveniently translate the measurements you see on screen versus that you see on paper. By combining these 4 measurements into one ruler, T-ruler is the one tool that you need to design for both print and digital.
1 point is equal to 1/72 of an inch; 1 pica is equal to 1/6 of an inch

With its magnets, three T-rulers attached firmly against each other and can be placed firmly on any ferromagnetic material. The T-ruler series is the perfect companion for any creative professional.

 4 different Forms of T³ 

Standard scale ruler has its own limitation where user can only use 1 scale as measurement on paper, T³ allows 4 scales, formed by 3 individual T-rulers, to be used simultaneously. Splitting them in seconds is just as easy.
The four ways of using:

1 - use one of the T-rulers singly and share the others to friends for use
2 - easily switch the two rulers to either side and you can select your preferred scale
3 - combined three rulers to be used as a standard scale ruler
4 - flatten the rulers to be used as a bookmark

 30° Slope  
T-ruler is designed in triangular shape with a 30° slope standing on one face. The angled slope gives easier readings on the measurement and the user can get a better grip. The user experience is better than the typical, primary school ruler.

 Mountain-like Hash Marks
We have spent a lot of time considering and testing the layout of hash marks on T³. The scaling hashes and millimeters are presented like mountains, making it easier to identify specific millimeter measurements than common hash marks. 

Explicit Ratio on each ruler
The ratios/functions are labeled on the top of each T-ruler with comparatively larger fonts, you can easily switch to the functions where appropriate.

Built to Last
Owning to the special shape and made from aluminum, T³ is made to withstand stronger external force and not easily breakable while keeping it light in weight. The anodization allows T³ to be used for long term with an exceptional look and feel. It is cut with maximum precision and we have ensured that every ruler will measure perfectly.

T³ comes with our classic Matte Black anodizing with vivid white laser engraved hash marks. The sharp contrast is what makes this even more remarkable.

Perfect Size for Outdoor & Indoor
Each T-ruler is 18cm x 2cm x 0.56cm, slightly longer than a standard straightedge (15cm) but shorter than a scale ruler (30 cm). This specific length allows users to carry it conveniently while at the same time the hash marks are made much easier to be read.
T³ scale ruler & T ruler

T³ scale ruler & T ruler


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