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RGB Exhibition


About the exhibition:
In 2017 the THX Gallery organized the THX Pizza exhibition in Düsseldorf, Germany. For that show I invited Soña to be part of it.
In May 2021 we together decided to show more of our work in a group show: We both love digital illustrations and especially the use of RGB colors. RGB is the process by which colors are rendered onscreen by using combinations of red, green and blue. 
For our show  "빨강 Grün blauw (RGB)" we brought the digital colors into an analog space at the WHITE ROOM in Düsseldorf.

About us:
Soña Lee is a freelance illustrator and artist from Seoul, now residing in Rotterdam. She finds her inspiration from her imaginative world, which she often gets lost in. Her unique visual language aims at communication between the viewers and her inventive characters full of curiosity.
Lilly Friedeberg is an Illustrator and Art+ Creative director living in Düsseldorf. She is co-founder of Design Studio B.O.B. She grew up with a big love for the Simpsons and Super Mario. Her colorful graphic illustrations are like little escapes to happy places with sometimes an ironic twist.

For the following two artworks we chose six words and both used them as inspiration:
 Mushroom, house, egg, gambling, cereals, petri dish 

A special thanks to Alexandros from Morphoria for the amazing collaboration on the poster design! 

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RGB Exhibition

RGB Exhibition