Diptych Portrait of Gary Oldman and Tom Burke as Herman J. Mankiewicz and Orson Welles from the David Fincher film, "Mank"
Portrait of the filthiest person alive Divine for the cover of John Water's "Pink Flamingos", Criterion Collection
Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, and Ida B. Wells, Oil Painting for the 'Art of Change' book in Support of Black Lives
Painting of the Breakfast scene between Daniel Day Lewis and Vicky Krieps in The Phantom Thread for the book 'Paul Thomas Anderson: Masterworks'
Portrait of Yasir-Al Rumayyan, Governor of Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund, for Baron's Magazine, Oil Paint
Portrait of Brian Deluca, The Burger King of Royce Bar, Reno Nevada, Oil Paint
Portrait of Bree and Kiki
Portrait of Hattie McDaniel, First Black Winner of an Oscar for Gone With The Wind, Variety Magazine, Oil Paint, Jaxon Northon
Portrait of Florya, 'Come and See', Janus Films, The Criterion Collection, Oil Painted Poster and DVD Cover Illustration, Jaxon Northon
Portrait of Abbey, Steve, and Kitten Little in Dutch Ruffs, Private Commissioned Portrait, Oil Paint, Reno, Nevada, Jaxon Northon
Portrait of Jaki, Private Commission, Oil Paint, Baltimore, Maryland, Jaxon Northon
Portrait of JP Harris, "Sometimes Dogs Bark at Nothing", Album Cover and Design, Nashville, Tennessee, Oil Paint and Digital Media, Jaxon Northon
Portrait of Michael Caine from the movie 'Youth', for Little White Lies Magazine, Oil Paint, Jaxon Northon
Portrait of Kelli and Roxanne, Private Commission, Oil Paint, Los Angeles, California, Jaxon Northon
Portrait of Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter and Square, Barron's Magazine, Dow Jones and Company, Oil Paint, Jaxon Northon
Portrait of Otto Von Bismarck, German Chancellor, Von Bismarck Bar and Restaurant, Reno, NV, Oil Paint, Jaxon Northon
"Overland Triptych", 1.) Portrait of Bad Man Sam Brown, 19th Century Outlaw, Virginia City, NV, 2.) Portrait of Captain Jim (Gumalanga), Washoe People Ambassador, 3.) Portrait of One Eyed Charley Parkhurst, 19th Century Transgender Stagecoach Driver, for The Overland, Gardnerville, NV, Oil Paint, Jaxon Northon
Portrait of Gorbachev the Chihuahua, Private Commission, San Francisco, California, Oil Paint, Jaxon Northon
Portrait of Rodion Raskolnikov (Tillman Frick as model. forModern eden gallery's "fiction), used for Actes Sud's Publishing, Crime and Punishment, French Translation, Oil Paint, Jaxon Northon
Commission Work


Commission Work