The pilot release of the project visualizes the battle of two different monsters. These characters are prototypes of Moscow Nut Company's chocolate products. By the way, the chocolate is delicious 😊

Producing, storyboard and client support by Gnezdo Production.

I got involved in this project during the animatic stage and then all the 3D visual production stages were done entirely by me. Environment, house, character modeling, rigging, animation, texturing, and rendering.
Background concept:
I used the principle of modeling through "volume builder" to create the characters. Since the production time was fairly short, I decided not to create the rigging, but to make the character animation directly through the primitives inside the "volume builder". In the screenshot you can see the object hierarchy, which allowed me to animate the characters quite flexibly. The polygonal grid is intimidating, isn't it? However, this approach allowed me to reduce a lot of time on matching the appearance of the characters to the client's requirements.
The background was also created by "volume builder". The main task was to fully comply with the concept, which was approved by the client. As you can see in the screenshot, I created a small asset and then arranged them in the environment.
Choco monsters


Choco monsters

A battle of chocolate monsters surrounded by a sweet world.