Embracing change in the American tile sector.

Graiman's product offering has always been broad and suitable for any lifestyle or family type, but none of their ad campaigns has clearly reflected so ever before.  

To prove it, we developed “Nuevas Formas de Habitar” - Graiman’s most striking campaign to date. 

Families differ significantly in their interests, wants, and concerns, so we divided them all into 5 groups and tailored visuals and messaging accordingly. 

Each family type was accompanied by an illustration, not only enhancing the campaign's visual universe, but also making it easier for viewers to identify themselves when seeing an advert. 

Getting Graiman’s messaging across was as important as grabbing their audience's attention so we paired all visuals with two powerful claims: "We build homes that fit your lifestyle" and "Discover all the options that match your lifestyle with Graiman''. 

Advertising Campaign for Graiman
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VXLAB | Branding & design direction