dream life is a thing
it’s as real as a jewel
but you will find that diamonds are not the strongest bonds
there are crystals in our hearts that are stronger
and so much more impenetrable
the heart cannot be broken
for as long as it beats
where is this unbreakable heart?
it is not our physical heart
we speak of souls
but the heart isn’t there
it’s here inside, now
our hearts are in our daily actions
when we do wrong or right
when we don’t know what we’re doing and we are simply reacting
in these moments which cascade upon us
the words of poets are false
they speak of reflection and memories
which are like shifting sinking sands
all that matters is that our present moments
and our dreams of future ones
are kept alive and safe
when we dream
our dreams are safe from waking life
don’t trust words
they are just words
to a simple smile
it’s a seed of unmeasurable love



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