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    The Music Archive is an ongoing project of portraits that explores the contemporary underground music scene.
The Music Archive
Music portraits
The Music Archive is an on-going collection of portraits of contemporary musicians, especially from the underground scene. The archive started in 2002 with the aim to display how each musical reality has got a peculiar imagery related to the sound and – as for the music expression – a reference to its culture and social contest. The body of work comes from the analysis of many different musical genres such as extreme metal or pop music.
"Jennifer Rostock". Pencil on paper. 2008.
"Earth". Pencil on paper. 2009.
"Marduk". Pencil on paper. 2007.
"MayheM". Pencil on paper. 2005.
"Dìsa". Pencil on paper. 2009.
"Martin Eric Ain". Pencil on paper. 2006.
"Kirlian Camera". Pencil on paper. 2006
"Carcass". Pencil on paper. 2007.