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    from logo to corporate design
Sometimes small projects are those who makes lots of fun — starting just with some logos for glases of a trendy bar in the center of hamburgs "Sternschanze, St.Pauli" named "GoldFischGlas".
The concept is realy simple. The glas is the fish tank. And what are the fishes doing? 
ofcourse KISSING and SWIMMING — EATING at the top of the glass — SEARCHING at the bottom 
The boss is HSV addicted — so pick ab the lozenge of the HSV-logo and add some fins.
The website picked up the same concept. Locking at the bar as a goldfish inside a fish tank. Four menu points are almost the 360° view of the bar.
Different menu cards, posters, flyers, shirts, bags, stickers, matches, business cards — everything a bar needs or not.