Cheapie Apartments
Project Overview​​​​​​​
Many University students worldwide face difficulty in securing adequate student housing due to factors such as high rent and rental shortages. Other students struggle with finding a home that meets their needs, whether that be adequate living space or access to public transportation.

My Role
UX/UI Designer

Figma, Photoshop

The Problem
The process of a getting an apartment is stressful and require a student to go
around with an agent looking for an apartment with a compulsory agent fee of
one to two thousand Naira.

The Goal
Create a site where students:
Can search for an apartment without signup or login
Can see reviews of other students
Can view properties 
Can view owners profile after login
Can pay for rent with 5% commission 
Notification for rent payment

Design Process
After understanding the needs and objectives of Cheapie Apartments, for this project we decided to follow the Design Thinking process. We started collecting data by observing users in their daily tasks and then proceeding with contextual interviews. Once we identified the problem to be solved, we moved on to conceiving possible solutions. We have created prototypes to be tested. Once tested we implemented.

User Research
To begin our research, we started looking at similar platforms, analysing UI, UX, User flow and key features.
For this project we decided to use descriptive Research, observing users, descriptive methods and surveys process was carried out during which it was essential to identify a suitably sample of users for planning interviews, as we wanted to capture a whole range of behaviours regarding this product and types of users.
Based on the project brief from the team, we put some questions together to know what the users think about the proposed idea and what they’ll prefer most. Some of the questions were drafted to discover the user’s needs, abilities, fears, desires and frustrations.
The use of surveys was chosen for this research. A total of 11 persons responded.
The following shows a highlight of what was discovered.
Pain Points
From research and interview, we have concluded that most users complain about the same pain points. We represented them using personas.
User Journey
Information Architecture/User flow
Low Fidelity Screenshot
Low Fidelity Prototype Screenshot​​​​​​​
High Fidelity Mockups
Many University students worldwide face difficulty in securing adequate student housing due to factors such as high rent and rental shortages, in order to provide Solutions starting from the pain point we came up with possible solutions.

1. All houses can be viewed using a mobile instead of moving around to find a house: this enables you to properly see the house without being there, hence improving the experience.

2. We’ve designed useful widgets related to the latest searches and properties view.

3. Nowadays, social networks are more integrated in the user’s lifestyle. So we’ve included this feature which allows the user to connect with their own networks, real estate agents and owners to see the latest events added and some quick feedbacks.
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