Multifamily House, Bydgoszcz (Poland)

School project by Tomasz Chmielewski
The intention is to design a building with a contemporary architectural expression and functional standard adapted to the current requirements of utility. The proposed multi-family residential home building due to its fate should have a clear system functional specifications resulting closely with this type of facility. Multifamily House (8-of flats), a basement cellar designed 8 posts garage and part of the economic, which includes storerooms and technical rooms. The building, designed three different types of apartments based on the amount of usable space. The first type are the flat up to 37 m2, it can be found on the first two floors. Apartments of the usable surface 56m2 located on all floors of the building. Flats with a usable area of 76 m2 located on the first two storeys, designed for four-member families. In the first two floors are three apartments of various sizes in use, on the top floor has two apartments and a large terrace available to all residents of the building. House with a modern, compact block. Roof: flat roof of reinforced concrete construction.
The starting premise for creating architectural and functional system was to find a spatial module. This module is the one allow you to personalize the facade so that each of the residents within the building could find 'your house', on the other hand will allow the free development of the functional apartments.Buildings designed in the new housing complex will be distinctive sign recognizable at urban space. The appearance of the facade has decided surrounding the proposed facility. The building was designed in the style of Polish modernism. Each residential complex is a unit independent of the others. Pedestrian and vehicular traffic are separated. Interior finishing joint space refers to the facades of buildings. Inside the staircases and hallways are designed with white walls, the floor of the graphite and graphite-format tiles door and window joinery and any railings are made of tempered glass.