Zen Wall Calligraphy
Zen is a removable wall decal created with Chinese calligraphy and age-old words of wisdom. Every piece of Zen is an expression, an attitude, a state of being, designed to cultivate your living space. 

Our master calligraphers created Zen to let their ink dance on your walls. The power of words are transposed into graceful brushstrokes, each stroke an elegant play of yin on yang, some strong some gentle, some firm some illusive. 

Zen reflects your take on life, your philosophy, your values, you. What's your zen?
「 千里之行始於足下」 “Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Possibly the most well known quote from Laozi, one of China’s most revered philosophers. No matter how far your destination, how tough the challenge, how difficult your goal, nothing is impossible.

Take the first step.
「和」 “Harmony”

Harmony is an important notion in Chinese thinking and a desirable state of being. It is a balance of dualities - yin and yang, dark and light, science and art. Seek harmony in yourself and your relationships and live in happiness and peace.

There’s a traditional Chinese saying that goes

“The sharp edge of a precious sword is a result of grinding work; The sweet fragrance of a plum blossom comes after a bitter winter”

As masters of our craft (whatever your craft may be), we are what we put in – commitment, dedication, endurance. Times can be tough but hardship pays off.

Success does not come easy. Then again if it did, where’s the fun?
「春有百花秋有月,夏有涼風冬有雪 若無閒事掛心頭,就是人間好時節」

“The flowers of Spring, the moon* in Autumn 
The cool breeze in Summer, the snow in Winter 
Should one’s heart be free from troubles 
A great season is found whenever”

Life is a series of interchanging seasons, each with their ups and downs, beginnings and ends. Free your heart from troubles and you will begin to see that indeed every season is a great season.

*The Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, is when the moon is at its fullest during the year.
「白日依山盡,黃河入海流 欲窮千里目,更上一層樓」

“The sun’s journey ends in the distant hills 
as the Yellow River flows, into the sea it fills 
For panoramas of a thousand miles 
Climb higher and you’ll find spectacular views”

Poets of the Tang dynasty left behind many classics. This one, named “Up the Bird Watching Tower” is undoubtedly one of the most cited. Blending the majestic landscape of China’s grand river, a gracefully setting sun and a grand vista, one can only imagine what it’s like to be at the top.

The essence of this poem is found in the last two verses: Climb higher and reach for more in everything you do.

Enlightenment, wisdom, a deeper understanding, a conscious sub- conscience – all transcending the mind to an inner peace, harmony & tranquility.
「觀海聽濤」“Watch the sea, listen to the waves”

These simple characters describe a state of mind that is meditative, soothing and tranquil. At peace, nothing can disturb you.
「靜」 “Tranquility”

Ultimate tranquility is found in stillness of heart, like a pristine lake with calm serene waters. Be at peace and don’t let anything trouble you.

“Fallen leaves may appear to be dead and soul-less But once decomposed into the Spring soil, they help flowers bloom”

This verse from a poem of the Qing dynasty describes an often overlooked truth: the end is a beginning of something beautiful
Zen Wall Calligraphy

Zen Wall Calligraphy

Zen is a removable wall decal created with Chinese calligraphy and age-old words of wisdom. Every piece of Zen is an expression, an attitude, a s Read More