TT Smalls

Forget everything you know about TT Smalls because we have re-released the font!

TT Smalls is now a decorative font that makes it easy to attract attention. Use it to design expressive headings, in the packaging design or to highlight text on a site. Be sure that the text set in TT Smalls will arouse the interest of the audience. Once TT Smalls was a neutral geometric sans serif, and the inline version was an alternative stylistic set. However, the TypeType collection of universal fonts is extensive, so we focused on creating a unique and expressive font and released an updated TT Smalls.

The font contains only uppercase characters in the inline version, and glyph designs are based on a geometric sans serif. With an increase or decrease in weight, the number of strokes in the font goes up or down, respectively. Stylish and easy to use, the TT Smalls font can complete a collection of eye-catching decorative typefaces.

Font TT Smalls contains 12 styles: 6 upright and 6 inclined. The character set of the font is 172 glyphs. It has basic Latin and Cyrillic and the main punctuation marks. The standard OpenType feature calt has been added to the font.

TT Smalls
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