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Paso Doble Project

La règle du jeu :
à partir d'un mot, d'une phrase, d'un lieu donné ou d'un évènement choisi,
chacun proposera sa vision, suivra son intuition,
sans savoir au préalable ce que l'autre aura produit...

A travers chaque association visuelle constituée d'une photographie et d'un dessin, Tim Fox et Nathalie Mineau proposent une perspective ludique où personnages, couleurs, formes et gestes se rencontrent. A faire dialoguer leurs deux langages visuels de prime abord distincts, ils donnent ainsi un nouveau sens à leurs images.

The rules of the game: on the basis of a given word, phrase, place or event, each artist proposes a creative expression, following his or her intuition and independently of one another.
With their associations of illustration and photography, Nathalie Mineau and Tim Fox, create a playful framework, within which figures, gestures, colours and shapes, join together. By making two seemingly distinct visual languages communicate with one another, they offer up new meanings to their images.

Nathalie Mineau is a French illustrator, art director and graphic designer. 
Tim Fox is a British freelance photographer. 

They both live in the greater Nantes area.


"Vivienne "

T. — ...

N. Je suis pas sûre que le RIP - Requiescat in pace - de circonstance est la meilleure chose à lui souhaiter à dire vrai...



T. — As I made my way across Charles Bridge on my last afternoon in Prague, taking in the picture postcard views across the Vltava, bathed in sublime autumn light, any notion of death or evil spirits was the last thing on my mind. Scuttling towards me through the throng of tourists, I caught sight of a mother and daughter, looking almost identical, in striking black and red Halloween outfits. As our paths crossed and I raised the camera to the eye, the girl glared back, as if to say " stay away from me... or you will be cursed."

N. — C'est la saison des citrouilles et autres cucurbitacées !
Illuminées d'un sourire édenté sur le pas de la porte, portées par des chérubins hurlants qui quémandent à grands cris des friandises, ou à votre guise, broyées en chaud velouté...


"The Queen's funeral"

T. — I decided to make the 25-mile trip to the small village of le Fuilet, to say my last goodbye to Elisabeth II, as the landlord of the local bar was an Englishman, and it felt appropriate to share this historic moment among compatriots. To begin with, the atmosphere was rather jovial and light-hearted, the three of us present exchanging a few rather inappropriate remarks about Camilla, Harry and Andrew.
Viewing the arrival of the coffin at Westminster Abbey, the place began to take on a more solemn air, but we continued to observe the proceedings with a certain degree of distance.  
Suddenly, as the ceremony ended and the National Anthem began to play, I turned round and noticed Brandon, his attitude completely transformed. This ex-serviceman of the Royal Navy, arose, as if to salute, his hand placed firmly upon his heart. Without singing or even mouthing, he just stood transfixed, a pained expression set across his face. Moved but not wanting to intrude on this intensely private moment, I gingerly faced him, bent my knees and fired off three or four frames. It was 13h04 local time.

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"Un air de vacances"
Eté 2022

N. — Comme à chaque fois, elle avait craqué et l’avait allumé. Elle aurait dû le laisser dans le Airbnb mais, comme à chaque fois au moment de partir, par réflexe, elle l’avait glissé dans son sac . Et maintenant qu’elle le savait là, elle n’avait plus le cœur à lutter. Alors, comme à chaque fois à la plage , elle surfa…

T. —The beach at Tenby, end of July. Feels like I've travelled back in time 40 years. The ice cream van, the circling seagulls, the jetty, the panoramic view of the bay:  memories awakened of family holidays spent here as a teenager.
With my senses alerted, I catch sight of a man in a straw hat approaching the water’s edge with his camera. I steal up gently behind, keen to capture the play of colour between his shorts and the boat in the near distance. He turns round unexpectedly and I feel trapped. “ I think my memory card is full, do you know how I can remove it and get another one? ” he asks.  How nice to be bothered by the trifling concerns of a tourist enjoying a holiday in southern Pembokeshire.


"Le jardin du Luxembourg"
27.07.22 — 18.04.22

N. — Un petit air de Sempé avec ses enfants à voiliers, ses balançoires désuètes, le quadrillage de platanes aux branches basses, ses chaises dispersées et en toile de fond, le sénat, lourde bâtisse dont le drapeau flotte au vent. Le jardin du Luxembourg : si emblématique, si… Paris ! Cet été, nous y avons passé un bel après-midi...

T. Maybe it’s because I’m an idler at heart, that a visit to the Luxembourg gardens is a rite of passage whenever I’m in the French capital. Ambling along the walkways of this 23-hectare oasis of greenery, set in the chicest part of Paris, one passes a game of chess here, a yoga group there, children guiding their model sailboats around the pond, adults of all ages, reading quietly or taking a snooze in their lounge chairs.  There’s a reassuringly timeless quality of life lived leisurely in the most beautiful city in the world.


"Fête de la musique"

T. — I experienced this edition of France’s national “Festival of Music”, as a liberation, after two barren years marked by the pandemic. What a pleasure it was to make my way through Nantes city centre and come across so many sounds enjoyed by people of all ages and ethnicities. With nightfall approaching, I was starting to get weary and hungry, when a strange scene drew me in. A few bare-legged figures, in dark tops, laid across the cobbled stones, as in a state of silent ritual. A sound-system was actioned and this troupe of young women exploded into life. For a few short minutes, in fading light, they performed a choreographed dance of great intensity and togetherness. 
Having set out on this summer solstice evening, intending to bring home a series of colourful and joyful images, it was this short interlude, imbued with poetry and mystery, that left the greatest impression.

N. Elle s'était posée là. Elle avait posé comme ça. Je l'avais dessiné d'un jet et modelé les volumes au doigt. Après la séance, je suis allée voir ce concert de jazz proposé au rez de chaussée dans le cadre de la fête de la muqiue "Le big band joue la musique de Victor Michaud". J'ai dessiné les musiciens dans une semi-obscurité, mon trait libéré. Mais de ce soir là, c'est ce croquis juste avant que je retiendrai. Quelques jours plus tard, Tim capturerai ces danseuses dans la rue...

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"Street Fashion"
Printemps 2022

T. — Some people, like me, have a utilitarian approach to clothes!  I need to feel comfortable when shooting on the streets, happy to blend in with the crowd. Others dress to stand out. Deep down I'm probably a bit jealous of
young couples like Maëlle and Eduard, who display their coolness in public with such knowing insouciance.

N. Marnie est une héroïne instagrameuse dont je suivais la chronique tous les vendredis.
Un jour, je lui ai tiré le portrait. En retour, @kibilabi son auteure, avait posté ces mots le vendredi suivant : "Aujourd’hui, c’était le jour J et Marnie faisait une entrée élyséenne épatante. A chat perché sur les Lou Lou et Boutin, lovée dans son par-dessus en autruche, bébé sac chainetteCo Co NA Chanel vissé sur l’épaule, l’ensemble dans un halo nicotinique…"
Parfois on rencontre les gens par écrans interposés.
C'est ainsi que j'ai rencontré Marnie.



T. — Occupation Graslin. A direct action campaign to highlight the injustices of the government in neglecting culture and the performing arts during the pandemic, whilst continuing to protect business and commerce. When I took this striking pose of hip-hop dancer, Simon, I felt however that I'd captured a sense of defiance and anger that extended beyond local and current issues. " The people united will never be defeated " he wrote on his Facebook page accompanying the image, a reference to the rallying cry of South American protesters under the dictatorships of the early seventies.

N. A l'autoradio, France Info : « l’ultraconservatisme américain gagne du terrain dans la bataille contre l'IVG ».
En tout temps et en tout lieux, quand le monde devient hostile, les droits des femmes deviennent fragiles...
Lutter toujours et ne pas baisser la garde !
J'étais un peu énervée ce soir là sur ma planche à dessin quand a débuté ma séance de modèle vivant…


"Still Life"
Confinement 2020

T. — I don't have many of my own photographs up on the walls at home. During lockdown though, these framed pictures became part of the reassuring landscape of my interior place. Sometimes, early morning or early evening, as beautiful light bounced off their surfaces, I glimpsed also into the becalmed nature of the outside world.

N. — Pour moi, ce fut un temps étrange, suspendu, déplaisant, pesant, étouffant... A ce moment là, seul le dessin et le jardinage m'apportaient ces quelques bouffées d'oxygène nécessaire à m'aérer l'esprit. Au sortir du confinement, résolution fut prise de devenir pleinement illustratrice.
Paso Doble Project

Paso Doble Project

Un projet en duo qui mêle illustration et photographie...