Q7. Who is your Childhood Hero? (2014) Process
Earlier this year, I responded to a series of interview questions by drawing my answers. Here's my response to question 7: Who is your childhood hero?
Pencils Graphite (H) on 17x14" Strathmore Windpower Bristol
After reviewing this piece, I realised it wasn't working, and decided to take a far simpler approach, and remove the image of my childhood home from the background.
Pencils Graphite (H) on 17x14" Strathmore Windpower Bristol
Inks Windsor Newton Series 7s (0-2), Copic Technical Pens, White Out. Scanned at 1200DPI (Bitmap)
Base Colours Photoshop Pen Tool, Pencil Tool and lots of Colour Fill Layers
Finish Treatment: Photoshop Gradiant layers, hue/adjustment layers. Diffusion achieved using solid fill layer based on colour channel, blurred and reducied to 20% Opacity.
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