Winning summer themed plastic shopping bag design

This is a plastic shopping bag design for Poundland and have won the competition, to be printed in 2015. The brief asked for a summer themed, colourful design that appeal to all ages and both gender.

I chose to use hand-drawn watercolour effect to set the bag apart from others; as well as making it as pretty as possible so the user keep the bag for other uses other than Poundland shopping trips, thus carrying the Poundland identity with them.

To avoid the whole design from becoming too feminine, yellow was used as the main colour for its androgynous character.
Limited colour palette inspired by Poundland's logo
Hand-drawn gingham pattern as background, inspired by traditional picnic cloths.
This design has been reworked and tweaked with the design team, and is due to release in Poundland stores summer 2015. Below are the final versions using Poundland gold and teal.
The printed, actual bags with my name and university!