Netflix - Love & Gelato


Love and Gelato is a movie about the story of an American teenager who comes to Italy for summer, looking for her place in the world. To launch it, we celebrated Italy through its stereotypes, which turned out that they’re not so far from what we are. We turned them into a self- ironic statement in a way, but mainly a helpful welcome for tourists in Italy.

We took over the place where tourist set the very first foot in our country: Rome Central station. We turned it into a giant tourist guide, with different subjects inspired by the real Italian lifestyle - and by the things that make us angry when tourists do not follow them: gestures, spaghetti, cappuccino, scarpetta, delay, food pairings and dates.

Outside the station, there was a very Italian info point, with an interactive display and stickers, that provided some useful tips to tourists. 

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Chief Creative Officer & Partner - Livio Basoli, Lorenzo Picchiotti
Group Creative Director - Selmi Bali Barissever, Chiara Monticelli
Art Director - Alessandro Borrelli
Copywriter - Cecilia Panisi
Illustrator - Alessio Salatino

Strategy Director - Marco Mammino
Social Media Strategist - Elisa Fiorentini

Head of Content - Ludovica D’Aquino
Social Junior Art Director - Marzia Cimino
Social Junior Copywriter - Ludovica Delle Canne
Digital PR Manager - Vittoria Caron

Client Director - Elena Panza
Account Director - Silvia Ghiretti
Account Executive - Antonia Martone

Head of Events & Special Projects - Laura Boy
Event Manager Assistance - Beatrice Latini
Producer - Matteo Stopper

Integrated Production Director - Matteo Pecorari
Head of Physical Production - Simone Raddi 
Senior Producer - Alice M. C. Garbelli
Junior Producer - Giovanna Distefano 
Junior Production Coordinator - Francesca Di Donna

Post Production Supervisor - Seba Morando
Post Producer - Miriam Ottina
Motion Graphic Designer - Dario Lipani 
Editor - Valentina Renna​​​​​​​

Netflix - Love & Gelato