Wroclaw Contemporary Museum
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Wroclaw Contemporary Museum

Various Architects AS registered and qualified to enter theinternational architectural competition for The Wroclaw ContemporaryMusuem in Wroclaw, Poland. The proposed ca. 23,000 m2 museum program includes: Exhibition spaceof about 4500 m2, a high multi-functional entry area, a multimedia clubof about 600 m2, high-ceilinged storage space of about 3000 m2, about7500 m2 for other activities and administration. Our goal in designing the Wroclaw Contemporary Museum is to create afunctional forward looking building that is modern and timeless. Ourdesign creates a unique and dynamic building that is not formedarbitrarily, but takes it’s shape directly from the complex workings ofthe museum program and it’s associated functions. The program and formbecome one to give an optimal experience to museum staff and visitorsalike. The building design carves out a generous naturally lit openpublic space in between the massive closed and artificially lit galleryspaces. It is this contrast in built form that makes for a rich andexciting experience when visiting the museum. The transition from opento enclosed space takes place through the dynamic and twistingglimmering white veil that separates “everyday” experience from the“wunderkammer” which is the Wroclaw Contemporary Museum. The veil whichenvelops the museum volumes also flows out through the foyer and intothe park, thus extending the reach of the building into nature andmaking a physical connection to the National Gallery and the PanoramaRacławicka