Alternative kilts for the 21st Century
Haute Kilture is acollection of kilts and sporrans made as a travelling exhibition which wasfirst shown in 2006.
Each kilt produced isan innovative take on a  specifictheme. For example the clubber’s kilt which providesa satirical social commentary, encouraging the viewer to look at modernlifestyles in a different way.  During a night out at the City Café inEdinburgh, I collected over 150 club fliers, which are continuously dropped onthe tables by promoters and bar staff.  I had the idea of utilising theephemeral images which the industry uses to tempt people inside.  This developedinto a magnificent printed fabric which presents a hitherto unseen surface andchallenges the eye to put dismembered objects into a new but recognisablesituation, in this case a piece of clothing.
The exhibition ‘Haute Kilture’took place in September 2006, went on to the Bonhoga Gallery on Shetland inMay/June 2007 and was shown at Prestongrange industrial museum in July/Aug2007. 
The collection has been kepttogether and can be exhibited on request.

Plastic bag and brown paper kilts, the concept of waste materials in a wasteful society drives much of my work.