NY Festivals 2014
Third Prize Award - Design & Craft
Third Prize Award - Direct 
Third Prize Award - Collateral
ONE Show 2014
Merit - Design
Design #5
Design #4
Design #2
Design #3
Design #1
We made folding fashionable with a simple invite.
Mini Rossi shoeboxes with our invitation were sent out to 100 VIP shoppers inviting them to the exclusive event.
Inside of the shoebox
VIPs also received an instruction manual inviting them to fashion one of the five heels.
One of five unique designs, which were inspired by Rossi's collection, were printed on quality paper and delivered with the shoebox invite.
Recipients were invited to fashion the paper into a one of a kind origami heel for a sneak peek.
Give our loyal customers an exclusive opportunity to meet legendary shoe designer
Gianvito Rossi in person and be one of the few to witness the launch of his new collection.
Rossi is one of the few shoe artisans to still handcraft his heels. He utilises minimal machinary. So we decided to transform this insight into a highly memorable piece of communication.
Miniature Rossi shoeboxes were sent out to 100 VIP customers to invite them to
the exclusive launch event of Gianvito Rossi's latest collection. Inside each box, recipients were encouraged to catch a sneak peek of Rossi's new collection when they transformed our traditional invites into origami heels.
The response rate was phenomenal with 100% of our recipients RSVP-ing to the event.
On the day of the event, shoe fans purchased the latest heels days before they hit
the shop floor. Some guests even brought their origami invites with them, so that they
could have them autographed by Rossi himself.
This idea has won 3 Bronze trophies at New York Festival and a Merit from One Show 2014.
NY Festivals 2014 | Gianvito Rossi Origami Invites

NY Festivals 2014 | Gianvito Rossi Origami Invites

At Fp7 Dubai, we designed an invite for loyal Harvey Nichols customers, inviting them to meet legendary shoe designer, Gianvito Rossi. Miniature Read More

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