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    Epping Town Centre
Epping Neighbourhood Centre, in the north of Melbourne, is a proposal of a new developed area. With a background of new development plan for Epping, the design was proposed to function as a high-street town centre as other town centres across Australia. 
Since Shopping Culture becomes one of the most influent factors to Australians, the term of "Town Centre" becomes controversial. The boundary of public and private places was blended. The proposal was intended to invistigate shopping centres and town centres, and apply the genetic Australian DNA town centre to the new. Constraints were highlined to maximise the spatial efficiency through the entire design, interrogating the functionality, rationality and flexibity for spaces in varied scales. Landscapes of the design was as well to attract and guide general public to interact with the design itself and complete the trajectory.
Community Square
Landscaping Analysis
Proposed Circulation
Function Plan
Site Plan
Entrance Plaza
Public Facilities