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    It is a project for those who love to sing in the bathroom.
The goal of this self directed project is to create a brand new bath product brand that is more than just cleaning. It should give users an unforgettable and meaningful experience.
Target Customers: 15- 35 years old female
Research on what is in the market now:

I looked into people's bathing habit to try to look for some insights. I found out that children always sing when they bath but a lot of people do not sing in the shower anymore when they have grown up. It might be because they realize that they are not good singers or it might also they care about how other people think about them. It is sad to not sing just because one is scared of others' opinion. Singing is a way to relax, especially in a bath. I think this is a happiness that people have lost. I hope to remind people the joy they had when they were a kid.

To make the brand's story relevant to music, I came up with the following names:
Soap Opera
 Opera Soap
Rhythm of the Sopera
Bathroom Singer
Everyone can sing
The Lost Melody
The Forgetten Lyric

Forget the Myrics
I tried to incorporate the music rest notes into the logo but they do not work well together with the font so I decied to do hand-lettering. This is my first time doing this type of hand lettering and I had a lot of fun during the process.
Final Product:
To stick with the concept of "lost", I used vellum paper for the soap label. made the glass frosted, giving the bottle a little bit of transparency.