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Grafikmagazin 03.22
»Creative Paper« Grafikmagazin 03.22

Why would anybody start a new printed magazine in these times? The answer is: because we are convinced, that printed communication touches us like nothing else. The focus of this issue is therefore especially dear to our hearts: »Creative Paper«.

Find out more in our Grafik+ section on »Creative Paper« and in Grafikmagazin 03.22.

In this issue we focus on »Creative Paper«, but also on the importance of cooperation. In our »Focus Collaboration«  we present designers who teamed up with others to create products, magazines, all kinds of things they wouldn’t have been able to create themselves. Our cover is another example of such a collaboration. 

In our showroom section we talked to a great Polish designer, who combines Polish poster art with Dutch minimalism. Santiago Pol was one of the leading figures of Venezuelan design and remembers wild years in Paris as well as doing visual propaganda in the prolific sixties. Although they come from way up north the creatives from Bräutigam & Rotermund have a knack for vibrant colours too. And last, but not least we present the 100 Best Posters from Germany, Austria and Switzerland – always a feast. 

And as always there’s great books and magazines to be discovered, type design and articles on design & research and some brilliant photography.   

The cover

The cover was printed on Malmero deep blue in 300 gsm. This uncoated paper is FSC certified and has a very nice and slightly structured surface. On the inside pages we used three different papers: 13 Kiara, Kamiko Fly and Iona Art. All of them in 150 g/sm.  

Paper: Inapa

Grafikmagazin 03.22
»Creative Paper«

106 pages, four different papers, 
text in German

19.80 Euro

Grafikmagazin 03.22