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    We designed a tool to help web agencies generate contracts. It hasn't been released publicly as we're still working on it.
As we're a digital agency, we struggled to get a reliable contract for our services. After wasting lots of time on creating our own, we discovered stuff like the Contract Killer.
But we wanted more,
we wanted to be able to generate a proper contract in minutes.
Therefore, we started to build our own contract generator, that would allow us to re-use our own clauses, to drag and drop clauses, or to select a specific "contract template" depending on the profile of our client.
Step 1: Client details
Step 2: Project details
Step 3: The builder itself. This page allows you to create / edit the contract's clauses.
The distraction-free mode to help you focus on what you're writing only
The last step: view the contract online or download it right away