:: a dozen logoz #01 ::
[logo #01│blue pill / red pill]
[logo #02│damir perić, football photographer]
[logo #03│darstu productions]
[logo #04│helvetica]
[logo #05│how-to-medicine]
[logo #06│jedan i jedan; one and one]
[logo #07│mate mišo kovač, croatian singer]
[logo #08│muzej suvremene umjetnosti; museum of contemporary art]
[it is a tribute to the croatian artist j. knifer, his work inspired the architecture of the museum building]
[logo #09│gerrit rietveld's red and blue chair]
[logo #10│šaka sa srednjaka; the fist from srednjaci]
[nickname of the famous croatian boxing champion željko mavrović, also, srednjaci is the name of the neighborhood in zagreb where željko grew up, and it is well-known for the four skyscrapers]
[logo #11│wasp]
[logo #12│zagreb, pastry shop]
[one of the most popular cakes in zagreb is the famous sour cherry cake called schwarzwald]
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