Patchwork Capital - Visual Identity

About the project
Patchwork Capital is a holding company with the mission to enable innovative companies with their experience, passion and capital to solve the biggest problems of our times together. The company is a variety of startups and more established companies, but mainly focuses on companies in the fields of social entrepreneurship. They approached us because they recently found the company as the holding for all their businesses and needed a visual identity to represent it. 

After our initial brand strategy and concept phase it was pretty clear that the goal of the new visual identity had to reflect their aspiration to create a brighter future for our planet and combine it with their innovative vision and the seriousness of an investment company.

We also wanted to add a touch of „coolness“ that reflects the people involved in the company and it’s holdings. Furthermore we wanted the identity to be calm and reduced to bring all the attention to their holdings. Patchwork Capital should be perceived as the enabler for their startups. 

Our Services
Branding, Identity Design, Art- & Creative Direction, Graphic- & Print Design, Interactive Design (Soon)

Printing & Finishing: Druckerei Butz & Bürker 
Typeface ABC Arizona: Dinamo Type Foundry


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Patchwork Capital - Visual Identity

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Patchwork Capital - Visual Identity

Visual identity for Patchwork Capital – a holding firm based in Germany. We designed a reduced branding with a flexible logo symbol, letterpress Read More