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Mimika, Face Studio

About project

Brand Name
Face Studio

Brand Values & Goal
Focus on the development of a professional approach to facial care in Ukraine

Create a clear and not typical logo for a facial massage studio. 

The main idea is to use Gua Sha stones for the logo. Gua Sha is an ancient facial and body massage technique that has been used in the East for many years. Their different forms are associated with naturalness and nature - with smooth lines of sea waves and mountain landscapes...

The Scope of Work
➞ Logo & Brand Identity
➞ Interior Design & Visualisations
➞ Website Design

Thank you for attention!

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Instagram: @tais.uxd
Telegram: @tais_uxd
E-mail: tais.uxd@gmail.com

Mimika, Face Studio

Mimika, Face Studio